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Ayşegül Hülagü

Ayşegül Hülagü

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Why would I need SEO or Analytics for my website?2021-05-17T20:08:32+00:00

Your business will be more visible in search engines. It helps you to generate more traffic so more customers and business results.

Should I invest in Google ads or Facebook Ads?2021-05-17T20:08:58+00:00

It depends on your business and KPI’s. Both have capable ad models and potential performance results, however, the most important thing is to discover your business needs.

How do I track if my digital investment is working or not?2021-05-17T20:09:58+00:00

Few options in the market would help you to identify the customer’s action on your website. Google Analytics is the most common one and through GA you can track each channel’s performance by return on investment.

Is it possible to see all channels reporting in one dashboard?2021-05-17T20:10:23+00:00

Yes, Data Studio would be the easiest solution for this. It has some limitations however, It will give you a clear overview of your results.